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What The Heck Happened to Pokemon Go?


Our views on "the heck that happened to PoGO recently". Could it be the game play, the maker's unresponsiveness or the communication? Let's find out!

Most of us were so excited about Pokemon Go. A real time game where we actually get to be the collectors of the Pokemon. We looked forward to the battles and the training, maybe making puffins or breeding... with that in mind we gave the game revenues of 16 million dollars a day. But Pokemon Go didn't give us strategic battles or opportunities to really train, or even puffins! Revenues plummeted to 2 million a day (still a lot of money but way down) and daily downloads fell 90% as well. So let's ask the Professor what the heck happened?

#1 - The Actual Game Play

It's basic foundation was simplistic to the point of a game from the 80's with much better graphics. There is so little to do after the initial fun factor has worn off, people are likely to go back to playing the latest instalment of Angry Birds. Some say, "hey after you collect all those monsters, you can fight at gyms", but the fight mechanics are arbitrary at best. You tap the screen of your phone as fast as you can, and hopefully your combat power is better than the other monster, otherwise you will lose. There isn't much strategy or matching a weakness to a particular fight just device mashing... not fun at all right?

#2 - Add More Feature 3x Faster Plz

The worst part has been that the features they did add came too late and definitely weren't enough to draw the players who had already left, back into the game. The developers seem to think that their player base likes to just collect monsters and give them baths and basically when that stopped working they just added the ability to feed them and figured that would bring everyone back... .surprise! That strategy didn't work. And it doesn't look like had a plan for the growth, and the chance to make the most of a huge player base has passed and will now require a Snorlax sized effort to bring the game back.

#3 - Keep Features Players Like

It's one thing to miss the chance to add new features to keep player interest, but developers actually took things out of the game that players liked. It almost feels like developers were making efforts to be like Team Rocket, and thwart whatever success Pokemon trainers were striving for by basically just getting them to quit doing anything with Pokemon. The main focus on this was the tracking feature the game started with. This feature worked as well as trying to ride your bike inside a Poke Gym. Basically it was arbitrary like the fighting, but players felt good about it, and it should have stayed in the game.

#4 - Communication is KEY

Developers seemed to just make changes with no input from players. Without this communication, Pokemon Go will continue to lose players. If you don't know what they want or don't consider what they might want, you aren't going to have a successful game for long. Communicating to players as to why changes have been made or discussing potential changes can have a huge impact on player loyalty. Disruptions in game were left without announcements and opportunities to let players know what is coming up are so minimal. Players want to know why developers do certain things and get excited when new things are announced. Pokemon Go missed on both of these opportunities.

Can it be fixed? GoLured's view point on this

Like your bruised Pokemon at a Pokestop, Pokemon Go can be fixed. It is based on one of the most popular game franchises in history and obviously had some mass appeal especially early on. Implementation of new game features will be a key. You can't just fix the way the interface looks. Players need more things to do in game, and that alone might help save it, but there are also opportunities to expand into new markets. Coupling that with new features and maybe some special events, would easily bring the game back into the market spotlight.

Players would love a Darkrai to use that you could only get from a cool special event that the community was actually informed of. Without some of these changes, Pokemon Go will instead find itself the victim of Darkrai's "Bad Dreams" and will forever be put to sleep.

What are your thought?