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Pokemon Go Players Rejoice About New Update

News on the recent update which is a change to spawn rates and egg hatching for some of the more common Pokemon. This could lead to us being able to complete our Pokedexs more easily and maybe even some new Pokemon!

Pokemon Go developers finally seem to be on the right track to bringing in new players and keeping veterans around. Just days after a huge update that brought many requested player improvements, they are working again on some tweaks to make game play better and fixing some of the issues dealing with the more common Pokemon.

If you've played Pokemon Go for any length of time, you might just have a few Pidgeys or Rattatas; well Niantic now assures us that these Pokemon will spawn less in those places where they were so abundant. This lends to the fact that we should be seeing more desirable Pokemon in these areas and hopefully even some of the more rare ones (we are still looking for Darkrai Niantic). Having the opportunity to find different Pokemon in some of these areas, also means that completing the Pokedex will be easier for many players, and hopefully means that Niantic has some additions to the current Pokedex in the works.

Developers also stated that two of those Pokemon, Rattata and Pidgey, will not be hatching from eggs any longer. This is great news for all of us who take those long walks to hatch those eggs and are simply plagued with one more Pidgey that we found twenty times on the walk to hatch the egg he came out of. Eevee will also only come from 5km eggs meaning you won't see this more common Pokemon coming from your 10km eggs anymore.

They are also changing spawning areas more often which will be another benefit to those of us trying to find those difficult to find Pokemon that torment those empty spaces in your Pokedex. These changes are welcome news from Niantic, who until now, has been slower than Slowbro with updates and fixes. The news has been well received by the community and hopefully is a promise of more great changes and things to come for Pokemon Go... stay tuned!

Which Pokemon would you like to see added to Pokemon Go? Let us know in your comment below.

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