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Is it an attempt to cover up the lack of game play by introducing Gen 2 Pokemon?


It looks like Pokemon Go is adding Gen 2 Pokemon, but is it an attempt to cover up the lack of game play updates or the coming winter months?

It's what many players have been looking for and we've talked about it over the past few updates. New Pokemon, specifically Gen 2, are being added to Pokemon Go. One has to ask themselves about the motivation behind such an update. Let's take a look at some ideas on release and how Niantic can make it go off better than the Halloween update, which had Pokemon Go back atop the game charts once again.

The main concern now is it's about to get cold in some countries. If they thought the driving while playing and trespassing issues were bad when the game released, just wait until someone reports frostbite from trying to catch a Snover!

Another concern is if this update is just a short term fix for something that is a long term problem.

The number of players dropping from the game still continues to decline, but is it from a lack of new Pokemon or is it game play issues? It looks like this update could just be their "easy" way out.

Developers research with the market to this point has been equivalent to high school student who's paper was due, but they played Pokemon Go instead. That is to say, it's been really bad. Hopefully they've done enough research to determine if players will even be attracted to Gen 2 Pokemon as many of them are only familiar with the Generation 1 that they have played with so far. 

We all love our Pokemon though, and it is likely that this update, whenever it releases, will bring old players back and renew current players' fire for the game, and may take us out away from our warm homes; but hopefully this update brings long term fixes. This would be the perfect opportunity for game play tweaks as well because the new Pokemon will attract old players back and Niantic can show off the cool new features the game has beyond just some new Pokemon to catch.

Are you excited to feel that "hunter spirit" again when Niantic releases Gen 2 Pokemon?